Friday, February 8, 2008

Logies Voting Switch A Boon

Article from: Herald sun
04 February 2008

THE Logies voting system has been given an extreme makeover, allowing more viewers a say in the winners of the annual TV gongs.

For the first time in the award's 50-year history, anyone with internet access will be able to cast a vote for their favourite show or star without a special log-in code from TV Week.

TV Week editor Emma Nolan is confident the move won't affect sales of the mag. She said the main reason for changing the system was to enable more people to become involved. "It's a really important year so we wanted to make sure everyone who loves TV can just jump online and vote with one step," she said.

Electronic voting will be monitored to ensure multiple ballots are not cast.

The changes come after several years where the awards were tainted by accusations of TV networks voting en masse for their shows or selections being skewed by starstruck teenagers submitting multiple ballots.

Nolan expected the change would see shows with cult followings, such as Summer Heights High, do well.

Getaway star Catriona Rowntree welcomed the news. "I know the public perception (of the Logies) is that it's completely rigged," she said. "From my perspective, as someone who's worked on a program that's been a top-rating show for around 17 years and never won a Logie, I have to admit I find that interesting. "So for the sake of everyone who works on the program I devote my life to, why not change?"

Public voting in 12 categories including the most popular awards begins today and is open until April 7, when the final nominees will be announced. There's also a new gong this year - most popular factual program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Logies be rigged?
No, the Logies cannot be rigged. the voting process is audited by independent auditor Ernst & Young on several occasions during the voting and tallying process to ensure the results meet with Australian Auditing Standards.

Who's won the most Gold Logies?
Graham Kennedy won the Gold Logie six times plus a gold Hall of Fame Logie.

Who's hosted the most times?
Bert Newton has hosted the Logies 18 times.

Who was the youngest person to win a Logie?
In 1978, Beau Cox, who was then seven, won Outstanding Performance by a Juvenile for Young Ramsay. (His acceptance speech had guest presenter Mike Farrell in stitches!)

Who was the youngest person to win the Gold Logie?
Kylie Minogue was just 19 when she won it in 1988.

Which guest presenter has appeared the most often?
Dame Edna has appeared five times (once via video link).

Who was the youngest host?
Andrew Daddo was 28 when he co-hosted with Noni Hazlehurst in 1995.

How many women have hosted the Logies?
In 2002, Wendy Harmer became the first (and, to date, only) woman to host the Logies alone.

Source: TV Week

Full List of Actors/Actresses/Presenters

THE FEMALES :(In no particular order)
Anna Coren (Today Tonight)
Gillian Alexy (Taylor, McLeod’s Daughters)
Jolene Anderson (Erica, All Saints)
Michala Banas (Kate, McLeod’s Daughters)
Pippa Black (Elle, Neighbours)
Natalie Blair (Carmella, Neighbours)
Carla Bonner (Steph, Neighbours)
Holly Brisley (Amanda, Home And Away)
Sibylla Budd (Ursula, Sea Patrol)
Saskia Burmeister (Nikki, Sea Patrol)
Robyn Butler (Frances, The Librarians)
Rachael Carpani (Jodi, McLeod’s Daughters)
Allison Cratchley (Zoe, All Saints)
Melissa Doyle (Sunrise)
Nadine Garner (Jennifer, City Homicide)
Virginia Gay (Gabrielle, (All Saints)
Jodi Gordon (Martha, Home And Away)
Indiana Evans (Matilda, Home And Away)
Johanna Griggs (Better Homes And Gardens)
Tracy Grimshaw (A Current Affair)
Natalie Gruzlewski (The Farmer Wants A Wife)
Jane Hall (Rebecca, Neighbours)
Noni Hazlehurst (Bernice, City Homicide/
Elsie, Curtin)
Claudia Karvan (Frankie, Love My Way)
Asher Keddie (Julia, Love My Way)
Kerri-Anne Kennerley (Mornings With Kerri-Anne)
Antonia Kidman (From Here To Maternity/The Bigger Things)
Gretel Killeen (Big Brother)
Tammy MacIntosh (Charlotte, All Saints)
Simmone Jade Mackinnon (Stevie, McLeod’s Daughters)
Amy Mathews (Rachel, Home And Away)
Sonia Kruger (Dancing With The Stars)
Stephanie McIntosh (Sky, Neighbours)
Lisa McCune (Kate, Sea Patrol)
Judith McGrath (Von, All Saints)
Ada Nicodemou (Leah, Home And Away)
Toni Pearen (Australia’s Funniest Home Videos)
Susie Porter (Patricia, East West 101)
Gina Riley (Kim, Kath & Kim)
Kate Ritchie (Sally, Home And Away)
Natalie Saleeba (Rosie, Neighbours)
Caitlin Stasey (Rachel, Neighbours)
Eliza Taylor-Cotter (Janae, Neighbours)
Jessica Tovey (Belle, Home And Away)
Abi Tucker (Grace, McLeod’s Daughters)
Jane Turner (Kath, Kath & Kim)
Kym Valentine (Libby, Neighbours)
Sharni Vinson (Cassie, Home And Away)
Rachel Ward (Kate, Rain Shadow)
Lisa Wilkinson (Today)
Jackie Woodburne (Susan, Neighbours)
Julia Zemiro (RocKwiz)
Magda Szubanski (Sharon, Kath & Kim)

THE MALES: (In no particular order)
Steve Bisley (Steve, Sea Patrol)
Shane Bourne (Stanley, City Homicide)
Tim Campbell (Dan, Home And Away)
Dustin Clare (Riley, McLeod’s Daughters)
Brendan Cowell (Tom, Love My Way)
Stefan Dennis (Paul, Neighbours)
Andrew Denton (Enough Rope With Andrew Denton)
Grant Denyer (It Takes Two/Australia’s Got Talent)
Jamie Durie (Australia’s Best Backyards)
Alan Fletcher (Karl, Neighbours)
Mark Furze (Ric, Home And Away)
Andrew G (Australian Idol)
Chris Hemsworth (Kim, Home And Away)
Adam Hills (Spicks & Specks)
David Hoflin (Oliver, Neighbours)
Matthew Holmes (Swain, Sea Patrol)
John Howard (Frank, All Saints)
Luke Jacobz (Patrick, McLeod’s Daughters)
Aaron Jeffery (Alex, McLeod’s Daughters)
David Koch (Sunrise)
Ben Lawson (Frazer, Neighbours)
Josh Lawson (Toby, Sea Patrol/Lachie,
The Librarians)
Steve Liebmann (Crime Investigation Australia)
Chris Lilley (Ja’mie/Mr G/Jonah,
Summer Heights High)
Daniel MacPherson (Simon, City Homicide)
James Mathison (Australian Idol)
Eddie McGuire (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire/1 vs 100)
William McInnes (Ray, East West 101/John, Curtin)
Rove McManus (Rove)
Ben Mendelsohn (Lewis, Love My Way)
Ryan Moloney (Toadie, Neighbours)
Bobby Morley (Drew, Home And Away)
Mike Munro (MPU)
George Negus (Dateline)
Sam Newman (The Footy Show AFL)
Bert Newton (20 To 01)
Kerry O’Brien (The 7.30 Report)
Paul O’Brien (Jack, Home And Away)
Dan O’Connor (Ned, Neighbours)
Andrew O’Keefe (Deal Or No Deal/Weekend Sunrise/The Rich List)
James O’Loghlin (The New Inventors)
Matt Passmore (Marcus, McLeod’s Daughters)
Aaron Pedersen (Drew, The Circuit/ Duncan, City Homicide)
Ed Phillips (Temptation)
Mark Priestley (Dan, All Saints)
Damien Richardson (Matt, City Homicide)
Glenn Robbins (Kel, Kath & Kim)
Ajay Rochester (The Biggest Loser)
Peter Rowsthorn (Brett, Kath & Kim)
Jay Ryan (Spider, Sea Patrol)
Kristian Schmid (RO, Sea Patrol)
Daryl Somers (Dancing With The Stars)
Karl Stefanovic (Today)
Ian Stenlake (Mike, Sea Patrol)
Andrew Supanz (Bart, All Saints)
Gary Sweet (Peter, The Circuit/ Larry, Rain Shadow)
Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (Buffer, Sea Patrol)
Wil Traval (Jack, All Saints)
Brett Tucker (Dan, Neighbours)
Paul “Fatty” Vautin (The Footy Show NRL)
John Waters (Mike, All Saints)
Dan Wyllie (Charlie, Love My Way)

50th Annual TV Week Logie Awards

Venue: The Palladium Ballroon, Crown Towers, Melbourne
Date: 4 May 2008


Voting has changed this year and voters NO LONGER have to purchase the TV Week magazine to get a code to vote. All votes go into the draw for various prizes.

Most Popular Actor - Silver
Most Popular Actress - Silver
Most Popular Presenter
Most Popular Australian Drama
Most Popular Personality - Gold
Most Popular New Talent - Male
Most Popular New Talent - Female
Most Popular Factual Program *New
Most Popular Lifestyle Program
Most Popular Light Entertainment Program
Most Popular Sports Program
Most Popular Reality Program

Your vote is a pre-nomination vote and will determine who will be nominated in each category, so it is very important to participate if you want your favorite cast/show to get through.