Friday, February 8, 2008

Logies Voting Switch A Boon

Article from: Herald sun
04 February 2008

THE Logies voting system has been given an extreme makeover, allowing more viewers a say in the winners of the annual TV gongs.

For the first time in the award's 50-year history, anyone with internet access will be able to cast a vote for their favourite show or star without a special log-in code from TV Week.

TV Week editor Emma Nolan is confident the move won't affect sales of the mag. She said the main reason for changing the system was to enable more people to become involved. "It's a really important year so we wanted to make sure everyone who loves TV can just jump online and vote with one step," she said.

Electronic voting will be monitored to ensure multiple ballots are not cast.

The changes come after several years where the awards were tainted by accusations of TV networks voting en masse for their shows or selections being skewed by starstruck teenagers submitting multiple ballots.

Nolan expected the change would see shows with cult followings, such as Summer Heights High, do well.

Getaway star Catriona Rowntree welcomed the news. "I know the public perception (of the Logies) is that it's completely rigged," she said. "From my perspective, as someone who's worked on a program that's been a top-rating show for around 17 years and never won a Logie, I have to admit I find that interesting. "So for the sake of everyone who works on the program I devote my life to, why not change?"

Public voting in 12 categories including the most popular awards begins today and is open until April 7, when the final nominees will be announced. There's also a new gong this year - most popular factual program.

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